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Help sniffing out signal for text inserter


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Jan 25, 2011 2:00 am

Hello I'm newbie, I will apologize in advance if I use the wrong terms. I have a cctv company and we use the serial data output from cash registers to overlay the text onto the images. I have been very sucessfull just using pins 5,2 and 5,3. That is normally all I need with pc to pc. In this particular application I have a customers linux based cash register with no available open ports. I'm attempting to use a y adapter on the register and connect the pole display on one side of the y and my pc based recorder on the other to capture the text.

I have tried the following combinations.
null modem without handshaking
null modem with loopback hand shaking
null modem with full handshaking
half duplex rs232/monitor/sniffer cable
full duplex rs232/monitor/sniffer cable
pin 2,5,7 on recieving pc/ pin 3,5, pin 6 tied to 4 on y adapter

What is my best bet?
Where do i go from here?
Breakout box?

I appreciate you knowledge and help in advance all baud rates on devices are default 9600 (not confirmed but I can send a test print from windows and get the system to work)

Is there an affordable device i can use to confirm the baud rate?
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Mar 28, 2011 11:27 am

the adaptor you are using will only be detected in your device manager when connected. also you need to be away from com 1 /2/3 so i would set your coms in 15/16/17 area.

everyone seems to have problems with pos with the avermedias and its only because the avers have built in drivers for 1 make which is moxa. the moxa is self powered and will hold the com port asigned. and also to make it easy it also has data LEDs so you can see if it is picking up data.
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Nov 08, 2014 7:54 am

the project is "wireless data communication between 2 pcs".as some pre-built hardwares are difficult to get in my country,i'm seeking some easier solutions,so i'v chosen parallel port and rf transmitter reciever for the project.


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