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RS232 max range extension


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Apr 06, 2011 2:36 pm


I am quiet new in field of rs232, so I want to ask about the achievability of what I will say.

I have read that according to standard of rs232, the max range is 15m, and the max speed @ 12m is 20kbps.

My questions are the following:
1-Can I make baudrate lower than 20kbps, so I can get more range? What the range could be if I used 9600kbps or 2400 kbps?

2-If I used twisted pair to transmit rs232, will this give a boost in range (because noise in eleminated)?

3-Can using rs232 repeaters double it max range?

4-In case of having a cable of 100m length(I am supposing here that the above mentioned scenarios can make me send with rs232 up to 100m) transmitting rs232 data , will be signal termination important? And will it be done using the same method as rs485 networks?(I mean that one searches for cable impedance and select a resistor that has the same impedance, etc..)

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Mar 06, 2015 11:11 am

I don't think I will get an answer within this week as it is very urgent. I think it will be the other way round ---- I will find out myself and let you know.

Anyway, 1/1000 chances are somebody will reply within this week.

I am trying to controlling an lighting intelligent controller with DB9 as the PC-end and RJ45 as the controller-end. It is understood that by sending a series of bytes (maybe low significant byte
s for bulb and high significant byte for on/off,etc) to the COM port, the machine just works by turning on or off the light (assignable up to 10 bulbs) and better yet, control the brightness of the bulb.


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