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Jan 11, 2012 3:42 pm

I want to connect two systems one is on windows ME, pentium 2 and other is windows xp, pentium 4.

I need to connect them with rs232 null modem.

I tried to connect them null modem.

I connected them with normal single stranded wires.

However communication is very very slow...........
I am using C program to communicate..........
Is it that program is not well written?
How can i increase the speed of communication?
Is there any suggestions on what may be wrong?

If i send an image using C program......the image size is only 100kb, but it takes aboiut 5 minutes to receive the image..... The baud rate set is 9600 in c program...
However i need a delay each time a bit is output to the port....
This delay is about 5 millisecond..
If this delay is not used... the image received is all error............
So even though baud rate is 9600........ I am not getting a rate even close..........
this delay after each bit is output is creatng the delay

       Computer Interfacing Forum Index -> RS232
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