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USB to mitsubishi RS-422

Some advice on my schematics would be nice


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Feb 02, 2013 6:15 am

Hey guys,

I'm trying to connect my mitsubishi A2AS1 PLC to my PC with GX Developer using a cable I made (based on a lot of different sources):

img33 imageshack us/img33/8194/cablek png

[replace spaces with dots]

The thing is, of course, it doesn't work. That is to say it works with a loopback test but the PLC does not respond to a connection attempt from Developer. So my question is: is there a mistake in the schematics?

I was thinking maybe I should implement the CTS and RTS I/O ports of the CP2102 but I have no more MAX3467 chips so the CTS and RTS would be only 3V in amplitude and I'm not sure that's enough for the A2A.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any suggestion.

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