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MAX3140 Transceiver for Schneider Power Meter

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Mar 13, 2013 4:31 pm

Hi, I'm new to modbus protocol and RS485.

Problem: I am considering whether to buy a transceiver MAX3140 to facilitate communication between a schneider power meter pm710 which has a RS485 port and a set of zigbee jennic jn5148 wireless devices which have microcontrollers and uart integrated on it.

Functionality: I would like data on the power meter to be transferred via [b]rs485-uart[/b] to my transceiver then [b]uart-uart[/b] to my jennic end-devices and then wirelessly transmitted to jennic coordinator and then to my pc via [b]uart-usb[/b].

1) Do I need to purchase a breadboard to house my transceiver? What other components would I need?(cuz I have little experience with breadboards)
2) How should I configure those pins on the MAX3140 in this case? (any MAX3140 expert would like to help me out?)
3) What are the meanings of "parity mask", "parity-interrupt mask", "parity bit", and "parity bit set"?

I would appreciate it alot even if you could answer part of my questions or supply me with a clear understanding of your own about the questions raised.

Thank you very much in advance.

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