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converting DB25 a USB to RS232 cable with PL2303 chip

How to connect the old cable to a new one.


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Dec 04, 2013 5:56 pm

I have an old cable which is a DB25 to 2x4 rectangular connector (size of CAT5 connector) which fits into an old machine.

I want to convert the DB25 to USB (one side USB and the other side the 2x4 connector.
I like to use a USB cable with PL2303 chip.

In the DB25 I found also little things which are resistors or inductors. I don't know the difference and I can't see that but I suppose they are resistors?
Are they necessary and what is the function in this cable?

The wires in the existing DB25 are:
1= blanc wire
2= yellow wire + 2 resistors to 7
3= blue wire + an extra wire from 3 to 20
4= red wire
6= wire from 6 to 20
7= green wire + the other end of the 4 resistors
20 = black + 2 resistors to 7 + wire from 3 to 20 + wire from 6 to 20

Is it possible to connect this with a USB To RS232 TTL UART PL2303HX Auto Converter USB to COM Module Cable HS?
I like to use the PL2303 chip because my computer program will be able to communicate with the machine with the PL2303 driver.

If this all is possible I have a second question;
somewhere in the middle there needs to be a connection with a magnet.
One magnet will be on the knitting machine and the other magnet needs to communicate via the cable with the magnet on the knitting machine(like an intruder alarm magnet on a door).
How to realize this?

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