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Aug 23, 2008 5:52 pm

I am trying to make a serial-wedge
A wedge is used to interface a scanner, like a MSR, or Barcode to a PC.
Also its possible to have it in harsware like a microcontroller (8032)

Anybody here who has someknowledge about it, diagrams programs etc?

Aug 25, 2008 12:51 pm

update to my first post.

I have found some info in PDF format about wedges
Also there seems to be software wedge.
like "ByteWedge_Pro"

But my Q.:

On a AT board the KB plug is a 5pin DIN Fm

DIN 5 F function DIN 5 M MB Fm

4 gnd 4 4
5 VCC 5 5
1 K/B Clk + - - **
2 K/B Data + - - **

- SYS Data ++ 2 - **
- SYS Clk ++ 1 - **

** i am not shure(don't no)
+ is wedge
++ is system =keyboard?

I hav e a MSR reader, if i connect it on the same cable as my KB, the KB blocks, when i leave it off, then , mess no KB att. The dataline of the reader is conn to dat, clk line conn to clk, is teh sam as KeyB.Maybe that's wrong?
The reader displays in either way no mess on screen
This is al info i have for now, i have plenty more, but too much to post here.

With this additional info somebody can help me out?

       Computer Interfacing Forum Index -> General serial
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