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I2C Bus Busy - Reset

I2C Bus Busy problem


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Oct 18, 2008 8:23 am

I have developed I2C driver to communicate with slave device. During my stress testing, I noticed, the SDA line will be always LOW after several I/O operation. I reset the I2C controller to release the BUS. The I2C controller has BUS BUSY status bit to know the status of the BUS. After I2C controller reset the BUS BUSY bit is zero (if BUS BUSY bit = 1, busy and zero for FREE). Then I enable the controller for next I/O operation. After enabling the i2c controller, the bus busy bit is set to 1. I assume, the bus should be free after controller reset. Since SDA line is low always, the bit is set to high. Any suggestion for recovering the I2C bus from busy to Free state.

I know one method: Reset the Slave Device but the Slave device has no reset input signal.

Any Suggestions please...

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