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Read this first!

The software on this page is believed to function as described in the document present in each archive file. All archive files are in ZIP format.

Use this software at your own risk. Lammert Bies can not be held responsible for any damage, financial loss or injuries resulting from using the software found here. If such problems are encountered using this software, please send me a mail message describing the problem and the software will either be updated, or removed from this website.

Software for RS232 communications

The files listed below are free downloads.

File Size Release Language OS Description 7,613 bytes 1999-02-21
V 1.01
Microsoft C/C++ DOS UART detector which checks default COM ports or user specified addresses for the existence and type of UART's.
File Size Release Language OS Description 29,330 bytes 2008-04-20
V 1.16
ANSI C/C++ all CRC library with routines to check for errors in the data transfer. Support in the Error Detection and Correction forum
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