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The larger parts of my life, I have developed software for various purposes. Here are some links and thoughts about the projects I have been involved in.


A platform independent C library to perform various CRC calculations. This project started as a small ZIP file in this site with some CRC routines in it. It is now a full fledged multi-platform library available under the MIT license.


A platform independent C client library to communicate with Omron PLCs. This project is a spin-off of a library which I developed to communicate with Omron PLCs from various computer systems, including Linux, Windows and FreeBSD systems. The code is used in production environments and is available under the MIT license.

From C to Go

My journey to jump 50 years into the future by adopting a new programming language. It is not really a tutorial. If you want to learn the basic steps to start programming, these articles are probably not the best resource. See it as an expedition through a jungle with all the highlights and exhaustion.

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