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DIY electronics projects

In the last years I have developed many small but useful electronic devices. Often these devices were used for interfacing specific sensors or equipment to computers. Many of these projects are useful for a wider public, and therefore I have decided to make these projects available on the internet. Every project contains a description on the functionality and schematics. You can either build the print yourself, or order a print of these projects at me. For most of the projects I have double sided prints available for nominal costs.

DSP based pulse induction metal detector

This project started because of a problem when renovating our house. It took us three days digging to find the connection of our water line to the central water system in our village. A deep seeking metal detector would have found the location in probably five minutes. Pulse induction metal detectors send a short magnetic pulse into the ground. This magnetic pulse starts eddy currents in metals which can be detected until about 100 microseconds after the magnetic field has been switched off. This design used a digital signal processor which reduces the number of components on the print, and increases the flexibility, including the possibility to discriminate between various metals which is very difficult with common pulse induction metal detector designs.

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