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Interference between converter and UFD


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Apr 05, 2009 10:35 am

I recently bought a LaCrosse WS-2355 weather station, which includes a serial RS232 connection and a USB converter. After connections WinXP SP3 found the driver automatically and all worked fine.
At a later time I tried to connect a USB Flash Drive, and it wasn't recognized. After troubleshooting I found that the UFD would not power on if the serial converter was connected. Driver installs, but after a minute it comes up whith an "device could not start" error. However any or all of my other assorted UFD and USB HD are fine with the converter connected. I also tried connecting the converter and UFD to same and different hubs on same and different computer ports.
Have you ever heard of this before, and any ideas to fix (it is a nuisance to have to remove the converter as the app that uses it runs on a schedule, and if it isn't connected the weather data doesn't download, and I forget to plug in when I remove so I can use this UFD).

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