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Tutorials on computer interfacing

Computer interfacing: the art of connecting computers and peripherals. In a lot of circumstances, it looks more like magic than art. It is not uncommon that you end up removing all unnecessary hardware from your computer to get that communication device to work. Despite all plug-and-play internal hardware solutions for the PC, connecting a number of external devices still requires some amount of technical knowledge and experience. These pages will guide you through this process.
Cable information
In computer interfacing it is often difficult to find the right cable for a specific purpose. Although the USB interface tries to solve this problem, there are many situations where you need to search for the right cable. This can be the case when you need a RS-232 or parallel cable to connect a device to your computer. There is also information about modular cables and cables for connecting PLC's if you happen to work in the industrial automation business.

Software downloads
No computer hardware without software. The basic routines and example programs in this section will help you interfacing your computer with other devices successfully.

General interfacing information
Interfacing is not just about cables. In a lot of circumstances you need also background information, to select the right null modem cable for example. These pages contain detailed—yet readable—information about RS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485, USB and how interfacing in the PC is organized using I/O ports and interrupts and UART's. Also ASCII is covered. Afterall this standard made computer interfacing possible in the first place.

Newer technologies are not forgotten. The VoIP technologies are discussed in depth.

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