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Who is Lammert Bies?
Interfacing: general info
RS232 specifications
RS422 specifications
RS423 specifications
RS485 specifications
Serial UART info
RS232 I/O ports and IRQs
RS232 flow control and handshaking
Which RS232 null modem?
VGA monitor cable
HDMI multimedia interface
Bluetooth interface
Introduction to VoIP
Hayes AT command set
On-line CRC calculation
ASCII character set
Schmitt-trigger inputs
Browser Header Checker
Interfacing: software downloads
Iptables firewall configuration
Modular cables, adapters and jacks
RJ-45 pin numbering
Common wiring schemes
DEC MMJ cables and adapters
Yost RS232 to RJ45 standard
Unitronics RJ11 wiring
USB, universal serial bus
All USB connectors
Maximum USB cable length
USB to RS232 converters
RS-232 cables
Pin assignment
DB9 to DB25
Loopback test plugs
Null modem cables
Serial printer cables
Spy / monitor cable
DEC MMJ cable and adapter
Yost RS232 to RJ45 standard
Parallel cables
Pin assignment
Printer cable
Interlink cable
Windows 95/98/ME DCC
Test plugs
PLC programming and data cables
Modbus interface tutorial
I2C interface tutorial
Omron PLC cables
Mitsubishi PLC cables
Siemens PLC cables
Idec / Izumi PLC cables
Unitronics PLC cables
Z-World controller cables
DIY electronics projects
DSP based pulse induction metal detector
Time synchronisation with Garmin GPS
When your cat has fallen asleep on your lap
and looks utterly content and adorable
you will suddenly have to go to the bathroom.
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